11 Aug 2011

1.5 Life Revamped...

Exterior of Crystal's new home.

Crystal's home has finally been completed and ready to move into. Nothing fancy but looks real cosy doesn't it? A nice little wood cabin until Crystal can afford better.

The cabin has one master bedroom, one other empty bedroom, one bathroom, an open style kitchen/dining room/living room/hallway.

I hope that with the coming of this new house there will be many happy memories in store for Crystal.

6 Aug 2011

1.4 Old Mistakes & Aging Up

The new bar - La Grange Convertie.

The bar around the block has finally finished construction and is called La Grange Convertie. A simple bar inspired by old barns. Crystal loves funky drinks but can't exactly afford the lounges in Sunset Valley without losing a large portion of her hard earned money, so this new bar is a total lifesaver. She plans on going to the bar as a treat after her birthday dinner date with Jared (Frio), her best friend and co-worker.

2 Aug 2011

1.3 Book Of No Regrets

Logan's Deep Fried Diner.
Free meal in the park.

With the amount of promotions Crystal's been getting, she's been able to afford dining in Logan's Deep Fried Diner, so that's a real mood booster! Goodbye free meals and hello to, well, paid meals.

Gunther was nervous to call Crystal after the Cornelia incident, but he couldn't bare not knowing whether she still had feelings for him...because he still did. He called her and luckily she answered.

29 Jul 2011

1.2 The End Of A Beginning?

Crystal having a picnic on the benches in Central Park.

Crystal's life is going well; she has a job, and a promotion expected to be given that very night. A house, although not very appetizing to the eyes, did its job. A crush named Gunther (Goth), and a great best friend, Jared (Frio).

Because the new dive bar around the block is still in the construction stage, Crystal spends most days in the park. Grabbing some free lunch or breakfast whenever possible.

25 Jul 2011

1.1 Sunset Valley: A New Beginning

Eighteen winters ago, a baby girl in a beige-brown wicker basket was found outside the Department of Health. Her name was Crystal Myers. Crystal lived in the Home For Good Orphanage until she was five...On her fifth birthday, there was a wonderful, unexpected surprise, perhaps the best present she'll ever have. It was a beautiful spring morning when a philanthropist named Flora came to visit the orphanage. Crystal's childish cuteness had Flora's heart melted. Ms. Mary, the orphanage's manager was glad to see Flora visit, for it meant that that day a huge donation would be made to the Home For Good Orphanage, and that was good. Very good indeed. What Ms. Mary didn't know was that apart from being a philanthropist, Flora was also a member of the board of the School of Peace And Love. Flora offered Crystal a scholarship to the school, but of course, that is only if Ms. Mary agreed to Crystal going to the school. Luckily, she did. Crystal stayed at the school until the day she graduated.